Welcome to Imphal College

Accreditated ‘B++’ Grade by NAAC

Imphal College was established on 20th August, 1952 as an Arts college at a Mandop(community hall) at Nongmeibung, Imphal when the college education was in a backward stage in Manipur. It was established aiming at imparting collegiate education in the evening for the young and employed students with poor economic background. It served as spring-board for improvement of their academic qualification to open the flood-gate of brighter job prospects. In its infant stage, the college had no land and building of its own. Thus, normadic feature of Imphal college, shifting from the Mandop to Ananda Singh Academy, next to Tombisana High School building and then to Churachand High School building and finally to the present site at Kwakeithel Lamdong on the Airport Road for its survival against the heavy odds, was its main characteristics. In the beginning, it was an evening/night college run with the dedicated service of the part time teachers under the leadership of Shri (L) Laishram Achaw Singh (Ex-MP) as founder Principal of the college. After him, during its critical day, the fate of the college was left in the hands of Shri (L) Thoudam Nilamani Singh, the new Principal of the college and under his unflinching dedication the college could steadily stand on its own legs. To meet the needs demanded by the then situation, the college opened its morning shift.

Though the college was in the midst of shortages in various fronts, the growth and development of the college was a watershed in the annals of collegiate education in Manipur. As fortune favours the brave, the college becomes a full-fledged day college in 1960 with its original morning and evening shifts catering to the academic needs of the employed students. The college grew its strength by leaps and bounds and it became a government aided college in 1962 and immediately after it the development of the college was overflowed by opening its Science stream in 1964.

The college was fully grown up as a bi-faculty institution with nearly 2000 students on its annual rolls and a good number of teaching staff members. Recognising the service of the college to the society in the field of higher education in Manipur, the State Government overtook it as a Government College in 1979. The college was recognised by University Grants Commission (UGC) in 1980 under section 2 (f) and 12 (b) of the UGC Act 1956. Earlier the college was affiliated to Guwahati University, Guwahati but now it is affiliated to Manipur University, Canchipur, Imphal.

The dynamic nature of the college has been becoming its normal feature. It has been running in the aim to foster students in the global competencies and to contribute to the national development by using all its traditional techniques and enhancing modern technologies. Stepping into the 21st Century, planning and management of the college is now running with the aid and co-operation of the members of the College Planning Board and other functional committees constituted to meet the needs arose at times.

With this change, seeking efficiency and perfection of institutional management the college is looking forward to become an autonomous model college at the earliest by constituting its Academic Council in 2007. Unlike other colleges, the college has a fully functional Academic Council having important functionaries like Dean of Arts, Dean of Science and Dean of Students’ Welfare. While the Principal is assisted by the Deans of different schools in streamlining academic affairs of the college, the Dean of Students’ Welfare looks after the different needs of the welfare for the students. This is where Imphal College stands today in pursuit of academic excellence as its motto.

The college has already submitted its “Letter of Intent” and “Institutional Eligibility for Quality Assessment (IEQA)” to the NAAC and has acquired IEQA status and is going to submit Self-Study Report in the month of February, 2010.

In these changing circumstances and development in the college, students who enrolled would find the campus lively and fruitful.

Imphal college is unique among the other colleges in Manipur because of its vibrant campus atmosphere and activities. Ever since the teachers have taken up “Teachers’ Movement for Self Initiative” (TMSI) under Imphal College Teachers’ Association (ICTA), the college has changed very fast, almost in all directions. This is where Imphal College stands today in pursuit of academic excellence as its motto.

Our Vision:

To build Imphal College into an institution of excellence and uphold it by conserving a dynamic campus environment where students can learn and experience all the necessary ingredients of human life and Society, cultivate knowledge of Science and Humanities through Integrated Learning System (ILS) and mould themselves into perfect human beings, fully equipped to meet the challenges of the fast changing world and the global competency.

Our Mission:

To make Imphal College an Autonomous Institution

  • To work and enhance institutional contribution to the cause of National development through human resource development and capacity building of the institutional learners.
  • To foster global competency to the students by exposing them to advanced curricula, high tech infrastructure and high level teaching and innovations in educational transaction.
  • To inculcate human values of love, humanism, righteousness and national ethos of pluralism and tolerance
  • To ensure effective institutional functioning by using technological advances and professional management skills
  • To create the best Student Support System
    To guarantee a job at the end of the Course or even a mid-term placement
  • To make the college a centre of serious learning, teaching and research, both by the faculty members and students
  • To make abundant experiments on innovative practices and implement them